Essential bookmarking for teams.


Team Bookmarking

Share essential links with your entire company or individual teams.

Superior Organization

Organize bookmarks by category and sub-category.

Flexible Administration

Control who in your organization has access to different teams' pages at both the individual and team levels.

Uncluttered Design

No fluff: your most important links, at your fingertips, with high information density. No more navigating bookmarks menus.

Better "New Tab" Page

Make your "new tab" page useful by setting Homepagr as the default.

Browser Extensions

Browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox to easily bookmark and organize pages.


Superior Organization

Organize bookmarks into tabs and create categories. High density of information on the page, and no more trying to find bookmarks in confusing menu trees.

Easy to Edit

Clean interface for updating and organizing links

Shareable with Teams

Share links with teams and individuals, and subscribe to other teams' bookmarks


Free while in beta


  • Individual use
  • New tab page

$1 /user per month


  • Create and organize teams
  • Team access and permissions
  • Share bookmarks within org
  • Multiple ways to organize links
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

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